I am writing to inform you of a favor obtained thanks to Father José Luis Múzquiz. I am the head of a small business consulting firm. Eighteen months ago one of our clients failed to pay us a large sum of money owed to us. Part of my salary comes from this amount and thus I found myself “short on cash.” On June 6 my family celebrated my father’s 80th birthday. We were planning a big celebration, with many relatives attending. I had offered to cover the cost of the event, and on June 3 I asked Father Joseph to help me obtain the required funds. On June 5, the day before the family celebration was to be held, there appeared in my bank account not only the amount that this client owed me but also more than double the amount I asked Father Joseph for, thanks to other outstanding accounts that were paid the same day. We were thus able to hold our family celebration with great joy, and without worrying about the expenses. My father had the time of his life! I want to express my thanks to Father Joseph. I’ve named him the “patron saint” of my business.

      —N.A., San Sebastián, Spain