Putting Down Roots: Fr. Joseph Muzquiz and the Growth of Opus Dei by John F. Coverdale (Scepter Publishers, 2009) is the only book-length biography.

Coverdale is an expert in 20th century Spanish history as well as the history of Opus Dei. He authored Uncommon Faith, a history of the St. Josemaria Escriva and the beginnings of Opus Dei in Spain.

Front Cover of Putting Down RootsFrom the publisher

"Putting Down Roots by John Coverdale (author of Uncommon Faith) is the exciting story of the beginnings of Opus Dei in the U.S. It tells how Fr. Joseph Muzquiz came to America in 1949 to begin Opus Dei with very little money and only a rudimentary command of the language. At the time, only a handful of Americans had ever heard of Opus Dei. But by the time he passed away in 1983, Opus Dei had put down deep roots in this country.

"In Putting Down Roots, we learn many remarkable details about Fr. Joseph’s life including:

• His first meeting with St. Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei.
• His tireless efforts, first as a layman, then as a priest, to spread Opus Dei in Spain during the 1940s.
• His remarkable faith beginning Opus Dei with Salvador Ferigle in the U.S. with no money, few contacts, and a very rudimentary command of English.
• The many heroic virtues he lived, earning him a reputation as an unusually holy priest."

Putting Down Roots is very readable (152 pages) and contains eight pages of photos. It is available at Scepter Publishers.

TV interview with author John Coverdale talking about his book